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Endorsements & Testimonials for the Seniors' Resource Guide




The St. Louis Times Seniors’ Resource Guide is endorsed by Missouri’s Governor and Attorney General, Illinois Department on Aging, St. Louis Area Agency on Aging (SLAAA), Aging Ahead, AgeSmart Community Resources, the St. Louis County Older Resident Programs (CORP), OASIS, Healthy Communities of St. Charles Senior Task Force, Breakthrough Coalition, and more.




“The St. Louis Times Senior Resource Guide is a tool that I have utilized as a professional for many years to provide resources, education and information regarding senior services and programs for the St. Louis area. In addition, I have referred countless families and organizations to the guide for their one stop comprehensive guide to senior resources.”- Alzheimer’s Association

“SSM Home Care and Hospice have been advertising in the St. Louis Times Senior Resource Guide for years and find it to be a wonderful resource for seniors throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area. Its content is educational, comprehensive, easy to access and provides information readily available at your fingertips. This guide is a “must” for all seniors!” - SSM Home Care

"Information is the key to finding and providing the best and most appropriate services for older adults. The Information found in the St. Louis Times Senior Resource Guide has become a very important tool for the growing number of seniors, caregivers and family members in our area. This Guide puts quality information into people’s hands. We are very fortunate to have this resource for our area." - St. Louis Area Agency on Aging (SLAAA)

“The St. Louis Times Senior Resource Guide is a real treasure of information beneficial to older adults, their family members and the professionals who serve and assist them. I can’t imagine working in social or health services in the greater St. Louis area and not having this guide on my shelf. I recommend it to my gerontology and social work students every semester, and I often suggest it to those who seek out my guidance on aging-related concerns. The guide is organized well for rapid consultation, but there’s also enough depth to make comparative decisions. It is well worth the investment.” - School of Social Work, University of Missouri – St. Louis

“A guide such as the Senior Resource Guide provides seniors with a one-stop shop to connect with resources in the community. This is why I like to advertise here.” - St. Andrew's Senior Solutions

“The St. Louis Times Senior Resource Guide is a comprehensive resource guide for seniors and families in the St. Louis and adjoining communities.  It is helpful to families by providing the resources and the helpful tips on many relevant topics at their fingertips.  When families are in crisis, they need to be able to quickly access services designed to meet the needs of seniors.  The Adult Day Center at the J is proud to be listed in this guide and part of a valuable resource for families.” - Adult Day Center at the J, Jewish Community Center

“ACM Care recommends the St Louis Times Senior Resource Guide to anyone investigating local St. Louis eldercare resources. We have found the Guide to be a user-friendly starting point for our clients who want to keep their loved ones safe and healthy in their own homes. I personally recommend it wholeheartedly when coaching professionals new to eldercare!” - ACM Care

"I use the St. Louis Times Senior Resource Guide as a teaching tool in our classes at the Brown School of Social Work. Students learn so much from reviewing the comprehensive, up-to-date information. I tell them that if they end up working in a community that doesn't have this type of resource they need to develop such a guide. We are lucky to have this resource in St. Louis." - Washington University, Director of the Harvey A. Friedman Center for Aging at Washington University

“The St. Louis Times Senior Resource Guide book is an excellent way to get information about our Medicare Advantage products to our target market. I believe the distribution is good and the price to advertise is a good use of our budgeted dollars.” - United HealthCare

“The St. Louis Times Senior Resource Guide is an invaluable resource on long-term care services in the Greater St. Louis community. Our mission is to help individuals and families navigate the maze of long-term options so the best possible decisions are made for their loved ones. We always provide a copy of this directory to everyone who visits our office for consultations. There are no other resources in our community that provides such a comprehensive directory. It is a must have!” - VOYCE

“John, I wanted to say thanks for your efforts at the St Louis Times for your Senior Resource Guide.  I cannot express a better way to get the word out to senior care professionals and the families that we serve.  It is a challenge for us to present the facts about what we do and with your publications it helps solve that problem and reach out to those who don’t understand.   I am a long-time supporter and believe it provides great value to our organization and the senior care market.” - Veterans Care Coordination

“Mid-East Area Agency on Aging staff has enjoyed using the St. Louis Times Senior Resource Guide for many years now. By the time each new edition comes out, the old ones are dog-eared, marked-up and well-used. The guide is handy, concise and gets better every year as the publisher incorporates suggestions from readers and people in the field of senior services. MEAAA hands out copies of the guide each year to older adults and their families through our senior centers, and the response is always enthusiastic.” - Aging Ahead

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