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 – John Rothbarth/Publisher, Nancy Stein/Editor

Senior Super Savers is an online resource of the St. Louis Times website that showcases a wide variety of discounts, promotions, savings and coupons specifically for our metro-area's older adults. Listings are free of charge! To get started simply enter and submit your Senior Super Savers special deal in the form below.

Or, in addition to your free listing you can purchase a display banner advertisement that runs on the revolving carousel at the top of the listings page that will highlight your special deal for even greater attention. To advertise in Senior Super Savers click ADVERTISING.

Questions or comments should be submitted by email to John Rothbarth at [email protected], Nancy Stein at [email protected], or by calling 636-225-2442.

In our effort to be the online source of compelling and informative news to our aging-focused community, we strive to include useful, timely, and relevant news for the convenience of our readers. St. Louis Times Senior Super Savers reserves the right to select or omit, edit and publish all submissions at our discretion in order to best serve our audience. We try to insure that all listings are current. But since promotions frequently vary, please call each company ahead of time to verify whether the special deals listed apply to the specific store or location of your choice. Although we have tried to identify companies that offer special deals for seniors, some are not available in the St. Louis metro-area, and others may offer different deals than those that are listed. St. Louis Times Senior Super Savers assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or use of submitted information as it was supplied without verification. To most effectively engage our audience, submissions should be appropriate to our audience, brief, and current. 


Please complete all fields below for your free Senior Super Savers listing. Once all fields have been completed, and you have entered a brief description of your special deal and entered the captcha, click the "Submit Senior Super Savers Item" button at bottom. Once received and review your listing will be posted (usually within 24 hours).

All fields below must be entered except Website, which should only be entered if you want to direct readers to a specific webpage. When submitting your Senior Super Savers "special deal" below please enter all phone numbers in the following format: 111-222-3333 and enter times as 4:00 p.m. rather than 4pm.

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